Put Patients First in Health Care Reforms

health care iconProviding cost-effective, patient-centered health care is more than a profession for Ralph Massullo – it’s a passion. Every day he listens to his patients and serves their needs. He stays on the cutting edge of medical breakthroughs and reforms that promise better service at a lower cost. Dr. Massullo understands the state must provide stronger oversight of Big Insurance and demand greater accountability for their role in patient care. He’ll vigorously fight any attempts to interfere with the doctor-patient relationship.

Pave the Way for Jobs that Help Families

economy iconThrough lower taxes and less regulation, Florida must create a “climate” that attracts small and startup companies that employ our Nature Coast neighbors. As our Representative, Ralph Massullo will push effective and efficient legislation that balances the need for economic development with protections for the natural resources we depend on. He’ll “drill deep” into the budgets for roads and highways, water and sewer systems, and other infrastructure projects to ensure growth is properly managed and your tax dollars are responsibly spent.

Prepare Our Students for Life After School

education iconRalph Massullo knows, with the future at stake, Florida can’t settle for a grade of “much improved” in education – we need to be excellent. That’s why he supports more access to learning life skills and trades for students not college-bound, apprenticeship programs and partnerships with local businesses, better physical and nutritional education, and even more emphasis on education in the pre-K years as a proven solution to crime and poverty. Our teachers should be free from piles of paperwork and redundant requirements, and our children should be inspired to pursue a lifetime of learning.