Our hearts: A work in progress

From the Citrus Chronicle: As a young boy growing up, I used to help my Italian grandfather with his garden on Saturdays. He was a tailor by profession, but he could grow the most delicious, red beefsteak tomatoes you have ever tasted.  He used to tell me, “Ralphie, the most important part of growing anything […]

Establishment clause a fertile field for freedom

From the Citrus Chronicle: After reading John Logsdon’s column “Understanding the separation between church and state,” I was left with mixed feelings. On the one hand, I need to compliment Mr. Logsdon on his accurate interpretation of our Constitution establishing freedom of religion, speech and the right to petition our government. We are a government, in […]

Can we have another Greatest Generation?

From the Citrus Chronicle: By Dr. Ralph Massullo In modern times, we have labeled generations to describe the characteristics of the individuals born and raised to adulthood in those periods. I am a late baby boomer; my four children are millennials; my parents are members of what journalist Tom Brokaw described as the Greatest Generation. […]