Take some education; it’s good for you

Ralph Massullo: Special to the Chronicle When I was growing up my mother seemed to always know exactly what was needed to solve any problem in our lives. Her advice and orders were usually succinct and direct. We complied and things got better. Interestingly, I still can’t figure out what that horrible tasting Cod Liver Oil […]

A New Strategy for the ‘War on Poverty’

Last January marks the 52nd anniversary of the ‘War on Poverty’ that began with legislation introduced by President Lyndon B.  Johnson in 1964.  At that time the poverty rate in the United States was around 19 percent representing roughly 36 million people.  Unfortunately, since then we have made little progress in combating poverty.  In fact, […]

Citrus dermatologist plans to run for state House seat

From the Tampa Bay Times: Citrus County dermatologist Ralph Massullo, 58, has prefiled paperwork to become the first announced candidate for District 34 Florida House seat, held by Jimmie T. Smith. Smith is running for the state Senate seat that will be vacated by Charlie Dean. Massullo, a Republican, is a native of West Virginia […]

Doctor files for state House

From the Citrus Chronicle: A Lecanto physician filed paperwork this week with the state Division of Elections to run for state House of Representatives District 34 in 2016. Dr. Ralph Massullo Jr., a Republican, is the first candidate to file for the state House district that encompasses all of Citrus County and parts of Hernando […]

In face of tragedy, stand up for equality

From the Citrus Chronicle: By Dr. Ralph Massullo I’ve been thinking a great deal about Gerry Mulligan’s column in the Dec. 14 Chronicle about his experience at a barbecue place in Central Florida. It saddens me to think that we still have prejudice and racism in our world, particularly here in the United States, where […]